Nurse’s Corner

Hazards of Holiday Shopping

Increased Blood Pressure can lead to a higher chance of heart attack or stroke.  Causes could be trying to find a parking place, braving the large crowds, and perception of increased debt.

Increased Auto Accidents can be caused by distracted drivers, focused on plans, for 10% more accidents the final days of shopping (Portland Press).

Less Healthy Eating due to grabbing food while in a hurry to accomplish shopping or not eating at all.

Higher Risk of Colds and Flu due to being exposed more to crowds of people and closer contact more frequently.  There are germs on all surfaces and especially door handles.  There is also more coughing, sneezing, etc.  To Help: Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in pocket to use and keep your fingers away from your face.

Extreme Exhaustion could lead to a higher risk of accidents or dehydration (which could result in hospitalization or even death).  Because of being revved up on adrenaline you may not notice how tired you actually are.  You can also have “Decision Fatigue” because your brain is tired and prevents decision making or causes poor decisions.

More Claustrophobic Triggers Due to Crowds can set in because of the volume of people making you feel you’re stuck in a crowded room and having to push your way out.

Tryn Brondyke is our Faith Community Nurse here at Calvin Church, if you have any questions regarding health, please contact her or call the church office at 616.396.4563.