Nurse’s Corner

November is Older American’s┬áMonth

Some forms of dementia are progressive, meaning they will continue to worsen over time. Other forms are stable. Still others, like those cause by low thyroid or certain vitamin deficiencies, are entirely reversible or treatable. Many other conditions can cause dementia, including head injury, brain tumor, Parkinson’s and substance abuse. In some cases, untreated depression can mimic symptoms of dementia.

Other conditions that can cause dementia: Head Injury, HIV infection, Brain Tumor, Normal pressure hydrocephalus (water on the brain), Metabolic Disorders, Medications or drug combinations, Substance abuse, Parkinson’s disease, Other brain diseases.

Tryn Brondyke is our Faith Community Nurse here at Calvin Church, if you have any questions regarding health, please contact her or call the church office at 616.396.4563.